The Hydra Desk is our flagship desk case – it’s solid and lightweight aluminum structure come assembled in 3 parts, allowing to be get building within minutes of receiving the Desk! the 8mm thick tempered glass ensures full visibility of your rig, while protecting it from outside factors.

With the Hydra Desk, you’ll never run into space problems for your rig – with the widest HW support on the market, the Hydra Desk allows you to build the most advanced systems possible, creating true battle-stations and being able to customize it at will!

It's unique design, that positions up to 4 radiators in the right leg, allows for the most advanced watercooling systems to date in any desk case, allowing you to cool up to 2 full PC systems and mount up to 6 radiators, keeping your PC at the lowest possible temperature at all times!

Designed for those that seek a compromise-free modding experience, the Hydra Desk can completely disassembled with the use of a single tool, avoiding the use of any rivets or welding to keep parts together, allowing you to mod it at will.

Model Hydra Desk
Case Type Desk Case
Dimension (LxHxW) 1509x755x713 mm
Colors Black,White
Strucure Material Aluminium (1.5mm)
Motherboard Support up to E-ATX
Transparent panel material Tempered Glass (8mm)
Drive Bays 6 x 5.25" drive bays (2 double and 2 single bays
PCI-E slots 8
I/O ports /
PSU support Up to 2 ATX PSUs uf any size
Fan Support Up to 20 x 120 mm 4 x 120 mm in right rad slot 3 x 120 mm in left rad slot 1x 120 mm in PCI-E Box 12 x 120 mm in right leg
Radiator Support  1 x 480x55 mm rad in right rad slot 1 x 360x35 mm rad in left rad slot 4 x 360x70 mm rad in right leg
Storage Support Support 12 x 3.5" Drives
16 x 2.5" drives
Notes /

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