Cable Combs


Your cables, managed in style

Cable management can be tricky – even once only the essential cable length is showing, it can still get messy; never again with our cable combs! Designed specifically for your cable management needs, the Hydra Cable Combs will both improve the looks and organization of your case!

Our cable combs come in a variety of sizes and colors, adapting perfectly to any cable combination you may have; be it just the 24 pin cable, or a 6+6 or single 8 pin cable, we got your covered.

Our cable combs are made of 3mm thick plexiglass (for a total thickness of 9mm) and are held together by stainless steel countersunk screws and colored countersunk washers to match the color of the comb; as always, attention to detail is a top priority for us.



0.1 kg


Black, Blue, Green, Orange, red, white


24 pin, 8 pin, 8+6 pin, 8+8 pin

For cable size

4 mm cable size; please be aware that cables significantly different from this size (more than 0.5 mm) will most likely not fit properly)

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