Hydra Desk 2021



It’s unique design, that positions up to 4 radiators in the right leg, allows for the most advanced watercooling systems to date in any desk case, allowing you to cool up to 2 full PC systems and mount up to 6 radiators, keeping your PC at the lowest possible temperature at all times!

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The Ultimate Desk Case

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Meet the successor of our Hydra Desk – the 2021 year model improves upon our original flagship to provide you with an even better gaming and building experience.

With the widest HW support on the market, the Hydra Desk allows you to build the most advanced systems possible, and since no panel is riveted, you can customize your rig however you see fit!

The 2021 year model comes with two options, allowing for either a more conservative approach or an all out system, letting you chose between a sleek right leg or a more daring 4 x 360 mm radiator slot design.
The Hydra Desk now has support for a second PC regardless of the configuration you chose, requiring just a flat panel and PSU support to get going!

The Hydra Desk 2021 also improves sitting comfort, providing better ergonomics and more leg room underneath – the slightly taller design and extensive work on optimizing the chassis bring about an improved sitting experience!

Dear Customers: Pre-Order will start shipping at the end of June – orders for US customers will be handled via Newegg: please write us an email before ordering.


46 kg


1565 x 765 x 320 mm


Hydra Desk 2021 Standard, Hydra Desk 2021 Enthusiast

Case Type

Desk Case

Box Dimension (LxHxW)

1565 x 760 x 320 mm



Strucure Material

Aluminium (1.5mm)

Motherboard Support

up to E-ATX (E-ATX, ATX, micro ATX, mini ITX, DTX)

Transparent panel material

Tempered Glass (8mm)

PCI-E slots


PSU support

ATX PSU up to 265 mm

Fan Support

Up to 20 x 120 mm 4 x 120 mm in right rad slot 3 x 120 mm in left rad slot 1x 120 mm in PCI-E Box 12 x 120 mm in right leg

Radiator Support

1 x 480 x 55 mm rad in left rad slot 1 x 360×35 mm rad in right rad slot 4 x 360×70 mm rad in right leg (available in the Enthusiast variant only)

Storage Support

6 x 3.5" Drives , 6 x 2.5" drives please note that the drives are mounted in groups of 3 or 2 depending on bracket used.