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Here from the start
Here from the start
Jan 14, 2022
In General Posting
Hi guys! I'm planning a big build on the hydra desk for next fall - better play it early, right? The only thing the desk is missing IMO is the ability to attach a monitor. Using it with the native mount takes away space from the beautiful glass panel and everything underneath, especially if you have two or three screens. On the other hand, vesa stands can't be used because you can't pierce the glass to attach them, and the table is too thick for the clamp. The only option left is to have a vesa wall mount, but if there is no wall behind the desk the situation becomes complicated. Maybe you could think of an accessory that can pop out from behind the desk somehow, and allow you to attach the screens directly to the table without sacrificing glass space and without having to put the desk against a wall. If anyone can think of something like this, it's you. I can't wait for the desk to go back into production! Saluti da Bologna!
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Here from the start
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